About us

Václav Stoupa

Since my childhood I was interested in spirituality and read books about Eastern philosophies and religions. I studied telecommunications at the University and worked as a programmer.

In a period of time I practiced buddhist meditations of diamond way buddhism. It helped me to feel freedom to grow my work into my own company to organise big annual conferences in Prague for web professionals.

However I enjoyed my work I was still feeling unhappy in my other parts of life especially relationship and personal self expression. First 30 years of my life I had an anxiety of creating connections in social situations with strangers or even friends.

In 2012 I started to getting to know myself more through different self-development and spiritual workshops of leading Czech's spiritual teachers. The things started slowly to improve. Nevertheless after while I felt overwhelmed of all the self-improvement techniques and meditations I "should" practice to feel better, that it at the end made me feel not enough.

In 2013 I discovered Teal's videos on the Internet. I felt immediate connection to her clear words and philosophy behind them. What she spoke about made complete sense to me. She talked about lot of things I didn't know that I already know deep inside of me as a truth. Almost all the time I felt relieve after watching her videos.

Thanks to great work of Juraj Kocar I had an opportunity to visit Teal's workshop in Prague in 2014 and also on both following years. Her work with people on the stage touched me a lot and I can see how it also affects all participated people in a good way.

After Teal's workshop in 2015 I felt that it would be great to meet all these amazing people from the workshop again and I began to organize regular community meetings in Prague and occasionally also in some other cities.

After the workshop in 2016 I met with Blake and he supported my idea of Teal Tribe Summer Gathering in Czech Republic. It was a blast and more than 50 people come from all around Europe. We got Teal's energy group reading through skype and did lot of shadow work together which was a massive healing for us. We also built lasting connections between people.

I continue to organize the gatherings for Teal tribe community and I also want to follow up the work of Juraj to invite Teal's catalysing and healing personality to Czech Republic or Slovakia for a public workshop and/or completion process training.

Looking forward to meet you all!

With Love